Meet the team

Graeme Kemlo
Fiona Harper
Kristen Henning

Host GRAEME KEMLO is an award-winning Melbourne journalist, federal political reporter, columnist, photo editor, technology editor and photographer.

Starting his journalism career at the bottom – a newspaper copyboy – later experience includes radio, television, magazines and digital media.

Over five decades, his career has taken him around the world the equivalent of 35 times.

For the past 25 years, Graeme has covered leisure travel and business events, and established Travel Writers Radio in 2014.

As host and Executive Producer, he has built a team of professional travel writers based in Australia and abroad, who have broadcast more than 2500 stories on food, wine, lifestyle and travel.


Fiona Harper is an Australian travel writer and photographer specialising in cruise, rail, boating and outdoor lifestyles. She is the author of three boating guide books, is a qualified yacht skipper and has sailed countless miles across Asia-Pacific.

Fiona likes to get offshore, offroad and off-grid. When not writing about travel she's probably running a marathon, hiking a mountain or sailing into a tropical sunset blissfully disconnected from deadlines. She’s rather partial to mountains and mojitos, islands and highlands.

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After a 30-year career in print publishing, Minnesota-based Kristin Henning and her husband Tom Bartel shed their business, their house and most of their possessions to set out on a journey to see the world.

That was in 2010.

Now, after visiting more than 75 countries and establishing the award-winning blog, Travel Past 50, Kristin continues to share her travel stories, combining her love of culture with her enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Henning and Bartel continue to travel, lead small group tours and encourage travel by providing practical tips for active travellers over the age of 50.

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Keeley Warren
Bridgett Leslie


TWR's sustainability reporter, Keeley is also the founder and director of Mankind Digital, an award-winning tourism marketing organisation promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. She is also the founder and editor of Wanderlust with a Purpose, an educational platform promoting conscious tourism.

Keeley also offers training, courses and workshops in responsible tourism, communications and digital marketing. With 15 years' marketing experience internationally, including many years at Time Out and iProspect, Keeley has worked with numerous destination marketing organisations, travel brands and public sector entities to support their digital marketing, content and communication efforts.

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Carolyne is an Adelaide-based freelance travel journalist, photographer and editor.

A wise woman (her mum) once told her: “The world is at your feet.” Carolyne took her literally and has followed those feet all around the world.

She has captured many of those destinations in words and images, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps … or warning them to tread carefully.

Her work is published across the globe in print, online and broadcast.

When she’s not writing, Carolyne is on the road, in a plane, behind the microphone or on the job researching the next story.

Or she could be on a cruise ship as a guest speaker – telling passengers what it’s like to be a travel writer.

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With a career spanning over 15 years at the intersection of banking and journalism, Bridgett is an award-winning storyteller known for passionately excavating and engineering stories out of people and organizations.

Bridgett's  career includes a strong foundation in print and radio journalism and a wealth of expertise in global markets and banking. 

This unique journey has garnered her acclaim across the Caribbean, Australia, and the United States. For teams seeking a dynamic and forward-thinking addition, Bridgett's  sharp news judgment, combined with extensive knowledge of data analytics and artificial intelligence tools, are valuable assets.