Playing Safe

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  1. ifwtwaauschair says:

    And it pays to check the fine print really well too to see if you’re covered for other things apart from illness. On a recent trip to Ireland I was robbed of my entire life support system although there was no medical emergency in sight, except for the inevitable anxiety attacks. I had my computer (all my work) camera, cash, phone tech equipment, and passport stolen, among other things – one with the lot! Claiming on my insurance was an eye-opener – no coverage for cash, didn’t want to pay up on the computer, wouldn’t refund the cost of emergency passport and accommodation – they found excuses not to pay on just about everything. The insurance company eventually set payout limits on every item and all-in-all I was out of pocket byt about 5 Grand. Needless to say, I switched companies and read every word of the new policy.

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